Another False Report

Rebekah Jones appears to have difficulty reporting facts accurately. She posted this about Christina Pushaw on her Substack account on 22 March— Here are some of the “alt-right” sources Ms. Pushaw links to in her Human Events article—

Becker’s Hospital Review
CBS News
The Daily Beast
The Verge
The Washington Post
Rebekah Jones


1 thought on “Another False Report

  1. I realize #NotAllLefties believe this crook, or at least so I hope. But those who do revel in unhinged, baseless accusations against their targets which, if true, would excuse an extreme and dangerous response. Think: if a cabal of nazi-adjacent “alt-right” people were really secretly murdering thousands of Floridians and then covering it up, wouldn’t one be justified to savagely ruin them by any means necessary?

    It kind of reminds me of when the Clinton campaign paid Steele et al. to fabricate the elements of the Trump-Russia hoax, and a lot of people in DoJ & the media, who knew it was false, worked to spread the theory. If the president were really working for a foreign power, he should be hung, and so should his enablers.

    The first thing a lot of these leftists reach for is trying to make their opponents complete “fair game.” Much like Scientologists.

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