Rebekah Jones, Journalist?

In late June, 2019, a petition was filed for a stalking injunction against Rebekah Jones. A few days later, she filed an emergency motion to dissolve the temporary injunction that had been issued. I found this in her motion—So Jones has claimed her First Amendment right to speak about an issue she believed to be of public interest should protect her from a stalking claim.

Gentle Reader, do believe that is consistent with the position she is taking in her lawfare attacking Christina Pushaw’s First Amendment free speech and free press rights?

8 thoughts on “Rebekah Jones, Journalist?

  1. Except she began FSU in the fall 2016, was trespassed from campus in the fall of 2017, and dismissed from her program a few months later in 2018. She was employed by FSU for just over a year, not 2yrs 2 mo.

  2. Where’s Earl when you need him??? She won’t be punished for her lawfare. It’s a shame that the only one who will be punished is the defendant having to go through this.

  3. I think maybe what we’re seeing here is the early stages of Dr Deb Frisch Disease. I expect her behavior to worsen until she is imprisoned. It may takes years, as it did with Frisch. I know an attorney who was on the periphery of Dr Deb’s shenanigans in Ft Collins. Evidently a good time was not had by all.
    Jones apparently has a husband and two small children. I am terribly sorry for what I think she is going to put them through.

    • Hopefully, unlike Frisch, Jones will be held accountable now and she won’t get to harass people for years until she manages to piss off a govt official and action is finally taken.

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