Rebekah Jones, Criminal Docket 2019

Yesterday, we took a look at the Leon County, Florida, civil case involving Rebekah Jones. Today, we’ll delve into a still ongoing criminal case.

As we saw yesterday, Jones was subjected to a stalking injunction because of her harassment of a former student (Garrett Sweeterman) with whom she had a sexual relationship. In July, 2019, she was charged with three misdemeanors (2019 MM 10894): Stalking, Stalking—Sexually Cyber Harass Another Person, and Stalking—Follow Harass Cyberstalk Another Person. The case is still open and has been consolidated on the first charge of Stalking.

Here is the charging affidavit filed by the Tallahassee Police Department. The redactions are in the publicly available version on the court’s website—

We’ll take a look at her 2020 record tomorrow as part of Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day.

Stay tuned.

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