A Bit More About Rebekah Jones

I found this on her Twitter account this morning—Where to begin? I suppose I’ll just take it from the top.

<fisking>I don’t believe that Jones could find any libelous or defamatory statement about her at Hogewash! because both require an allegedly offending statement be false. I believe everything I have posted about her is true. If I have made a provable error, it is my policy to post a correction. I’ve done so in the past, and Jones may use the procedure found in The Fine Print to apply for a correction.

As for stalking or harassment, nothing posted at Hogewash! comes close to either. Additionally, past attempts to comment here in order to engage in stalking or harassment have been reported to law enforcement. Any attempts to stalk or harass Jones would be as well. As noted in The Fine Print, comments are the property of the persons making them, and the persons making them are solely responsible for their comments.

Stacy McCain’s Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day won’t be a harass-a-thon. Participants will be engaging in a “peaceable activity intended to express a political view or provide information to others.” Such activity is protected in multiple ways by Maryland and federal statute and case law, including MD Criminal Law § 3-803(b).

Yes, there are people who read this blog who believe they themselves are dangerous. Some of them live (or have lived) in Montgomery County. I’ve dealt with them before. That bunch of crazies would be ill advised to … nah, surely they’ve learned their lesson.

I doubt that Ms. Pushaw will ever go to trial on the patently defective charge of Failure to Comply with a Peace Order. My independent investigation of the facts and the legal advice I’ve received based on those facts lead me to conclude that the Montgomery State’s Attorney’s Office will drop the charge because Ms. Pushaw has an airtight defense. That’s what they did when I was falsely charged with cyberstalking.</fisking>

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “A Bit More About Rebekah Jones

  1. Boy, she has that Dr Deb vibe, doesn’t she. How is it that our finely tuned system of justice has such a hard time with folk like that? Lack of caring?

    • I think the courts view certain classes of people as “endangered species”. Not that there is any lack of crazy people or other protected classes but, in my opinion, the court doesn’t want the hassle of people showing up to protest how the courts are being big meanies to the protected ones.

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