Rebekah Jones, Civil Docket 2019

I mentioned in yesterday’s installment about Rebekah Jones’ trail of court cases that it might take more than one day to deal with the record for 2019. I’ve decided to look at the civil cases today. We’ll move on the the criminal cases tomorrow.

Yesterday’s post mentioned that Jones had been in an inappropriate relationship with an undergraduate student (Garrett Sweeterman) while she was an employee of and a PhD student at FSU. In May, 2019, she filed a paternity claim (2019 DR 001427) against Mr. Sweeterman which wound up being dismissed after a hearing in July. She also created a website to which she posted sexually explicit revenge porn about Sweeterman. In June. Sweeterman petitioned for a stalking injunction against Jones, and it was granted (2019 DR 001849).

Four days after the stalking injunction was granted, Jones filed a pro se lawsuit against Sweeterman (2019 CA 001553). Her complaint alleged emotional distress and defamation. The case was dismissed.

One of the exhibits Jones attached to her lawsuit was a copy of the 342-page “manifesto” she had published about Sweeterman. I found this on page 227.It would seem that she’s following that plan here in Maryland. She may be in for a surprise.

We’ll look at Jones’ criminal rap sheet for 2019 tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Remember that Stacy McCain has declared Thursday to be Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day.

3 thoughts on “Rebekah Jones, Civil Docket 2019

  1. That bit from page 227 seems like it’s taught to every woman in college to take advantage of the way colleges handle claims against men.

  2. Mr. H, methinks (me worries) you’re incurring scrutiny. The eyes of Rebekah be upon you; shortly if not already.

    Brett’s already enough so I worry that you could be inflicted with Frisch-style malice. And tactics.

    On another subject, one of the things I think I’ve learned from you is that El Kimbo couldn’t subpoena info from out of country domain name registrars. I’d like to set one up for email purposes.

    Anything in particular to be careful of when registering a non-US domain? I think I worry more about providing payment info than anything else.


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