Some More Background Information on Rebekah Jones

I’ve been writing about Rebekah Jones for the past few days. I was aware of her because of the faux controversy she stirred up over her firing from the Florida Department of Health. IIRC, she was fired for insubordination because she refused to stop making statements outside of her area of expertise. Jones is a geographer, not a heath professional. That controversy is generally outside of this blog’s area of expertise, so I’d left that story to other venues.

Last week, Jones filed a Maryland peace order petition for the purpose of suppressing Christina Pushaw’s free speech and free press rights to write about Jones. Now, that’s something that is clearly within the historical purview of this blog. Over the next several days, and it will take quite a few, I will be laying out Jones’ history of civil litigation and criminal charges.

The earliest information I’ve found is from 2016 when Jones was fired from Louisiana State University. Records from East Baton Rouge Parish show a Case Number 08-16-0601. Jones had been banned from campus and wound up being charged with a misdemeanor offense of Entry/Remain After Forbidden. She was also charged with two counts of Battery of a Police Officer and one count of Resisting a Police Officer. The disposition of the case indicates that she agreed to a pre-trial intervention program.

In 2017, Jones moved to Florida and entered a PhD. program at Florida State University. We’ll examine her history of restraining orders, posting revenge porn, a failed pro se defamation suit, and more this week.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Funny how the press relies on liars and criminals for sources as long as they are telling tall tales about the right people.

  2. One of the other reasons she was fired was when she made a separate board for counting COVID deaths, she screwed with how FDOH could upload information. So Chris Duclos, a 24 years of experience GIS Manager at FDOH, was called in to reverse these changes. While Duclos was undoing the damage, Rebekah Jones found out and decided to remove his administrative permission without authorization. Her manager told her to restore Duclos’ permission. She refused and instead gave him lesser privileges that still crippled his ability to reverse her changes. They had to file a ticket with ESRI to get Duclos’ permissions restored AND add her manager as an administrator. Then all of the sudden, she declared that she would be going on a trip to Mississippi.

    When she returned, she accepted the changes and helped undo what she did. Then FDOH could reupload data without any issues. A week later, she was told that hurricane season was coming up and she would be working on that. Since the virus will eventually go away but hurricanes will always be around for Florida. That’s a long term job opportunity for her. Sound great? Nope, she sent out an email saying that she would no longer be working on the COVID board.

    Another issue was she apparently terminated a temporary employee, Ryan Slapikas, against her manager’s wishes even though he was a very good worker and got glowing reviews for his work.

    All of those culmination on top of her communicating with the media / public was why she was eventually let go from her job.

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