Brett Kimberlin 2.0?

One of the tactics that Brett Kimberlin used against his wife when they were estranged and engaging in dueling peace orders was to file a psych evaluation petition against her so that she would be taken into custody when she appeared for a court hearing. It looks as if Rebekah Jones has taken from page out of Kimberlin’s playbook. Wednesday, she applied for a peace order against Christian Pushaw, and on Thursday, before Ms. Pushaw could have been served with the interim peace order, Jones filed an Application for Statement of Charges claiming that Ms. Pushaw had violated the order. This makes it possible that she would be arrested if she showed up in court to defend herself.

I knew this was had a familiar stench about it. This kind of lawfare to suppress free speech needs to be exposed. I’ll keep a close watch on this case.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—While researching entries related to Jones in the Leon County, Florida, online court records, I found that she was also the pro se plaintiff in an unsuccessful defamation lawsuit.

This post at NRO touches on her criminal record.


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  1. Notably, Pushaw’s only actual “crime” against Jones is that she wrote an excellent piece proving that Jones is lying about being a whistleblower, which people keep sharing in response to people talking about her. (Jones ludicrously claims that all or most of those people are actually Pushaw, even those who have carried on actual conversations with each other and have accounts dating back years.)

    Further research appears to indicate that Jones was fired after being repeatedly told to quit talking to the press about things outside of her expertise, then sabotaging the state’s COVID dashboard in a tantrum after her boss took her off of the project so she’d have to stop. The “raid” of her home, which she blames on DeSantis persecuting her, was after someone from her IP illegally accessed the state emergency system to send multiple messages, one of which was signed “Rebekah.” The police seized her computer, where they found thousands of confidential state employee records.

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