Crazy People Are Dangerous™

This appeared in my Twitter timeline——and it set me off researching the case. The Gentle Reader who had followed Hogewash! for a while probably has a good idea of why this case looked familiar to me. (Hints: Brett Kimberlin, Deb Frisch)

Rebekah Jones was fired from the Florida Department of Health. On 16 January, 2021, an arrest warrant was issued for Jones by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement claiming she illegally breached state data systems. She is currently under pre-trial supervision for that charge. It appears that she may be also awaiting trial on a stalking charge as well.

Christina Pushaw is a freelance writer who has written about the Rebekah Jones case for Human Events. Her article appears to be accurate, but Jones, who has recently moved to Maryland, is seeking a peace order against Ms. Pushaw, attempting to use the Maryland peace order statue to suppress Ms. Pushaw’s First Amendment free speech and free press rights.

I spoke with Ms. Pushaw earlier today and have offered her whatever assistance I can provide. I’ll be covering this case as it progresses.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Crazy People Are Dangerous™

  1. 1. It worked for The Diddler, so why wouldn’t Jones try it too?

    2. Ms. Pushaw, while clearly over the target, should be reminded that she should not be both the story and the reporter.

    3. Cornelius J. Vaughey is no longer on the bench and that’s a good thing.

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