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One of the more ludicrous aspects of Team Kimberlin’s PR attempts to spin news about their various LOLsuits was their continuing threats that the defendants were about to suffer the direst of dire direness. Seven years ago today, I ran a post about William Ferguson’s prediction that I was in A Grave Situation.

* * * * *

Well, at least Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson thinks so.VOSF201401012333ZHogeCemetry<mockery>I’m sure VOSF will be happy to find out that I know where to dig. I have a spot reserved in the Hoge Cemetery near Jasper, Tennessee. It’s in the upper right as seen in this Google Earth view.

OK. I know that VOSF is writing figuratively, but, of course, he’s dead wrong both figuratively and literally about my digging.

Literally, I haven’t been back to Tennessee for almost a year, so there’s no self-dug hole waiting there.

Figuratively, I have no other comment, except to say that he’s wrong—as usual.</mockery>

* * * * *

There’s a line of tombstones in the upper right of the image. The top two or three are almost obscured by shadows. That’s the row for my branch of the family. The picture was taken before Mrs. Hoge died. Her tombstone is immediately below the bottom one in that line. I have a spot reserved next to her. The spot’s reserved, but the grave hasn’t been dug just yet.

Meanwhile, the mockery continues.

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