Just Passing By—For Now

Asteroid 99942 Apophis made a relatively distant pass by Earth on 5 March. It will be back. This animation shows the trajectory of  the asteroid as it flies safely past Earth on 13 April, 2029. Earth’s gravity will slightly deflect the trajectory as the 340-meter-wide Near-Earth Object comes within 32,000 kilometers of the Earth’s surface. The motion has been sped up by a factor of 2,000. Recent observations and refined calculations show that 99942 Apophis should not hit the Earth for at least a century.

Video Credit: NASA / JPL

1 thought on “Just Passing By—For Now

  1. Option 1: Give Elon $100M and a nuke, problem solved.

    Option 2: Give Boeing $20B and a nuke, we’re dead in a century.

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