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Brett Kimberlin thought that he could use discovery in his LOLsuits to dig up dirt on his perceived enemies. His plan backfired when the opposing parties used discovery to go after him. The TKPOTD for four years ago today dealt with one of the Kimberlins’ attempts to weasel out of discovery in order to avoid being caught in lies and forgery.

* * * * *

When Brett Kimberlin handed me his deficient answers to my requests for production of documents during his contempt hearing in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit on the 17th, he also delivered Tetyana Kimberlin’s answers to the interrogatories I propounded to her back in February. Her answers were also deficient, so I filed this motion last Monday.

The boilerplate statement about no comment till the court rules applies to this motion as well.

* * * * *

The signature on the motion to seal mentioned in Interrogatory 8 which is alleged to be Tetyana Kimberlin’s does not match her signatures on other documents she is known to have signed. The signature shows characteristics of being made by a left-handed person. Tetyana Kimberlin is right-handed. Brett Kimberlin is left-handed.

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  1. Why do you keep digging up these old documents about Kimberlin? Mike G.

    “El pueblo armado jamas sera aplastado!”


    PRONOUNS: Your Eminence/His Eminence

  2. When the lawfare was ongoing, I did try to put a positive spin on things. But now that that’s past, it is time to say: It’s extremely regrettable the way the justice system ignored very amateur forgery and perjury. By a serial convicted forger and perjurer, no less. I do not think the courts should have let a serial convicted forger and perjurer continue to again commit those crimes with impunity.

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