Be Thankful for Government Inefficiency

Not the Bee reports that after Portland cut its police budget by $16,000,000, the city has seen 19 more murders so far this year than last year. Assuming the same average over the rest of the year, the city should see 114 excess murders this year. That’s about $138,000 for each murder.


Isn’t that a lot of money to speed just to get some random poor and lower-middle-class resident weeded out of a city’s population. And the money was spent. It didn’t disappear from the city’s budget. It was diverted to other politically correct uses.

OTOH, there are times to be thankful for incompetence. As Milton Friedman said,

I say, “thank God for government waste.” If government is doing bad things, it’s only the waste that prevents the harm from being greater.


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