The President’s Speech

Joe Xiden gave an allegedly live speech this evening. When I went to check on it at YouTube, I found that all the various feeds had a total viewership of just under 130,000 as of 9:30 ET this evening. That’s a total for views during the “live” feed and views afterward. That’s fewer than one view per 600 of his “voters.”

His Fraudulency doesn’t seem to be stirring much interest among the public.

4 thoughts on “The President’s Speech

  1. I had a feed going but wasn’t watching it fulltime, so I guess I bumped up the ‘viewership’ a bit. I’m kind of assuming that’s the best speech he can currently give. If so, that’s pathetic. And I have no intention of allowing the cDC to tell me what I can and cannot do, especially on Indpendence Day.

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