2 thoughts on “An Anniversary

  1. Essential worker here who cannot work from home. The only time I missed was for 10 days after I contracted the Wuhan Lung Rot from a coworker, and I was more bored than anything since my symptoms were very mild. Thankfully I managed not to pass it along to my family.

  2. Almost everyone at my wife’s company was told to work from home in mid-March. She has an excellent VPN and we have great cable access. She hasn’t been to her office since.
    They tried Zoom anout a half-dozen times and dumped it. Now they have phone meetings with the minimum number they can. About half as many attendees as the old in person ones. The meetings still last as long and get as little or as much done, because . . .people. She does a lot of one on one phone work.
    She’s getting more done but has time to do other stuff that she wants to as well. Sh loves it. Partly that may be because I retired and she can keep an eye on me so I don’t “get into trouble.” lol

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