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It seems that Brett Kimberlin is trying to catch up with the paperwork for one of his surviving not-for-profit entity. For many years, Jeffrey R. Cohen was the Executive Director and Resident Agent for Justice Through Music Project. However, when I attempted service of process on JTMP through Mr. Cohen almost five years ago, it appeared that he was no longer associated with the organization, and by 2017, it appeared that he was no longer a resident of Maryland. Last month, Brett Kimberlin filed a notice with the State of Maryland changing JTMP’s principal office address from the house formerly owned by Jefferey Cohen and making himself Resident Agent.

BTW, the “Jefferey Cohen” signatures on the Form 990s filed with the IRS in 2016 and 2017 do not appear to match the “Jefferey Cohen” signatures on Form 990s filed in 2015 and earlier. However, the signatures on the earlier IRS filings do match the “Jefferey Cohen” signature on the Justice Through Music Project Corporate Charter.

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