Outliving Their Usefulness

Now that The Party is back in control of the White House and both houses of Congress, the members of the Inner Party who got the plum positions are working to secure their power. (“The object of power is power.“) Of course, this requires that certain individuals who were useful in removing Orange Man Bad from office need to be neutralized or eliminated lest they become competitors rather than allies.

Cuomo must go. #MeTooing him has the advantage of putting Outer Party members at the head of the mob, and allows him to be taken out without having to actually be held to account for the nursing home deaths that have not played well with the Proles.

Newsom must go. He has been too incautious in flaunting his Inner Party privileges.

Whitmer must go. She made a fool of herself while auditioning for the VP nomination last year. While there is beginning to be some legal pushback on her record of nursing home deaths, if’s likely that another scandal will be found for her as well.

There are others on the list. It will be interesting to see who gets taken down as the junta attempts to secure its hold on power.

1 thought on “Outliving Their Usefulness

  1. The scandal for Whitmer may be paying for silence on the nursing homes and getting Non-Disclosure Agreements with the two top oficials Dept of Health who resigned that know the most about them. While NDAs happen relatively often at lower levels (say City Managers) there evidently haven’t been any at the state level in MI for at least the past 28 years prior to her taking office.

    The Party has a problem with her in that she isn’t apparently really all that smart, and she didn’t actually learn much about politics when she was in the Legislature. She was the Minority Leader at a time when she had no chance to do much, and she was worked around by both the GOP and her own members.

    An added benefit to the Dems to getting rid of her would be that she would be replaced by a Black male who while he has zero prior elective experience actually has some brains. He also has a tendence to come across as a doofus, too, but that may be an act.

    I saw a yard sign, like a campaign sign against her in my sub-division literally yesterday. Our sub is kind of a swing indicator for the state. The sign was blue with whit lettering. It said, “The Gov. is an idiot. She’s a Pure moron.” The capital P was in bright yellow. I don’t know the meaning of that.


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