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Occasionally, the TKPODs have had as much or more about me as they did about the member(s) of Team Kimberlin. Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt, Journalist, from eight years ago today was such a post.

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Bill SchCBBS_HM3malfeldt claims to be a Journalist. He cites his training and experience. He learned how to proofread while training to be a PR flack an enlisted Journalist (JO rate) in the Navy (That’s CBBS on the right). He’s done talk radio in such major markets as Sheboygan. He’s won awards for his writing and editing of government documents.

OK, so he’s a Journalist. Big deal.

If he’s going to work in Maryland, he might want to download a copy of The Journalist’s Guide to the Maryland Court System. This handy reference was put out as a joint project of the Maryland Courts, the Maryland Bar Association, and the Society of Professional Journalists. He might find the sections on Knowing Your Limits (p. 14, ff.) and The Law of Libel and Invasion of Privacy (p. 75, ff.) to be instructive.

BTW, I am not a Journalist. I am just a blogger and a hobbyist blogger at that. I have a day job providing engineering consulting to various projects at NASA (But what I do isn’t rocket science; it’s applied quantum physics.). Once upon a time, I was a Journalist, but that was a long time ago, back when CBBS was in middle school and high school. One of the places I worked was the news department at WLAC, a 50,000 watt clear-channel station in Nashville. Back in ’60s, WLAC was the number one R&B station in the U. S. covering 28 states at night. I was the guy in the newsroom and on the air the night Martin Luther King was shot. I wonder if CBBS ever covered a story that big—or that sensitive. Given his modus operandi, I doubt it.

algore in Nam

UPDATE—Several prominent Journalists got their starts in the Armed Forces. Al Gore (at right), who worked at the Tennessean while I was in broadcasting in Nashville (We were both recently returned from Viet Nam), got his first reporting gig as a Public Affairs Specialist (46Q) in the Army. While he was in Viet Nam, he wrote for The Castle Courier, the newspaper of the 20th Engineer Brigade at Bien Hoa. I was stationed with the 12th Combat Aviation Group down the road at Plantation Army Airfield, but we weren’t in country at the same time.

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BTW, the picture above shows the Cabin Boy™ (who is a Viet Nam era veteran) wearing more decorations on his uniform that are listed on His DD214.

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  1. OTOH, The New York Times is descending at such a rate, it might overtake William’s journalisming career on the way to the plug hole.

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