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Here’s the TKPOTD from six years ago today.

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Murum aries attigit.

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That Latin phrase which means “the ram has touched the wall” describes my philosophy in dealing with Team Kimberlin. It’s driven from this passage from Julius Caesar De Bello Gallico:

Ad haec Caesar respondit: se magis consuetudine sua quam merito eorum civitatem conservaturum, si prius quam murum aries attigisset se dedidissent; sed deditionis nullam esse condicionem nisi armis traditis. Se id quod in Nerviis fecisset facturum finitimisque imperaturum ne quam dediticiis populi Romani iniuriam inferrent.

To these things Caesar replied, “That he, in accordance with his custom, rather than owing to their desert, should spare the state, if they should surrender themselves before the ram should touch the wall; but that there was no condition of surrender, except upon their arms being delivered up; that he should do to them that which he had done in the case of the Nervii, and would command their neighbors not to offer any injury to those who had surrendered to the Roman people.”

One of the commenters to the original post asked when the ram touched the wall. I replied:

The ram touched the wall with Kimberlin when he failed to withdraw the state lawsuit and I had to file a motion to dismiss. That was in October, 2013.

The ram touched the wall with Schmalfeldt when he failed to modify his behavior to take advantage of my conditional offer to drop my peace order petition in August, 2014.

“Murum aries attigit” isn’t a decree so much as a statement of historical fact.

I’m not done with them yet.

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