Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

According to an Agence France-Presse report published by France 24, North Korea and Iran have resumed cooperation long-range missiles development according to the UN. The report, which was submitted to the Security Council this week, also confirms that the Norks continue to violate several UN resolutions related to nuclear weapons development.

President Xiden has said that the U. S. should rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal.

3 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

  1. It’s not just the US who left JCPOA. France, Germany, and the UK also left it de facto when they adopted Trump’s sanctions. The whole JCPOA will have to be renegotiated. The USA and its allies will have to accept the larger stockpile of LEU that Iran has amassed. They may also have to pay reparations for the sanctions.

    Every month Iran ups the ante by abandoning another provision of JCPOA. They are about to start making metallic, HEU for use in a bomb. If the US, France, Germany, and UK don’t agree to Iran’s demands, they will have to fight a war in the Persian Gulf.

  2. IMHO, folks concentrate too much on warhead development and not enough on delivery systems.

    Missles, especially ones that can cross oceans, are game changers. Not that a shipping container wouldn’t work as well… But. That could be partially mitigated by a serious national border (and ports; ports ARE a bit better than both the southern and northern borders.

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