5 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy to Become Sane

  1. The “news” media all continue to make money regardless of what they say.

    And the “news” media sponsors continue to sell products, regardless of what the “news” media say.

    And people keep buying the sponsors’ products and going to the sponsors’ big-box stores regardless of what the “news” media say.

    If only there were some way to interrupt this cycle.

    • News isn’t actually the product. Political outcomes are. Similar issue with a lot of what goes on in academia.

      It’s important to recognize political action as politics, rather than mistaking it as free enterprise market activity. Market pressures are somehow involved in EVERYTHING, so their mere presence doesn’t mean free enterprise is the main force at work.

      • “News” media could do a story that the moon is made of cheese, and no one will stop doing what they’re doing.

        People will keep buying the smart phone advertised on the “news” media because they think they have to have it. Until this way of thinking stops, political efforts of the “news” media will continue to maneuver markets and politics in particular directions, and large-scale producers will continue to maneuver (purchasing and directing) “news” media to do so.

        Stop buying stuff from people who are trying to control everything.

        • I do agree “stop buying stuff.”

          I didn’t come here just to antagonize you, but I’m not sure my point came across. Let me put it another way: there is probably no market solution to what’s really a political problem.

  2. From a source that was a fully-qualified forensic psychiatrist
    (and who gave expert evidence in a number of court trials)
    [slightly paraphrased, sorry]:

    “Given a conflict between a person’s words and their actions,
    the actions are a truer indicator of that person’s internal

    — Stylus

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