That Was The Year That Was: Fits 10, 11, and 12

We’re almost done with 2020, and the last quarter has been a doozy.

Fit the Tenth—October: They’re All In

The Left has given up on any pretense of fair play for the coming election. They are lying brazenly, and they’re pulled out all the stops on their Internet censorship. The censorship of this morning’s Hunter Biden story from the NY Post by Facebook and Twitter show the Left really has reached the point where they feel they must use any means necessary to defeat Donald Trump.

In order to confirm the censorship was happening, I attempted to post a link to the Biden story on Twitter. I was blocked.

Then, I posted this tweet.Twitter has suspended the New York Post‘s account and suspended or locked the accounts of several people who tried to link to the Biden article, including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. Twitter responded to users’ questions about the blocking and suspensions with tweets from @TwitterSafey containing various excuses, but while I was typing this post, this tweet from@Jack popped up in my timeline—Twitter may be feeling some heat, but I’m pessimistic about their ultimate response. Based on my personal experience from having been unjustly banned for truthful reporting, I expect that Twitter will do its damnedest to continue its censorship. (I was banned for allegedly harassing Brett Kimberlin. I got the @wjjhoge account back when the false criminal complaint against me dropped for lack of evidence. I suspect that their lawyers figured out that I had an open-and-shut defamation case against them.)

The Left has pushed all their chips out on the table. If Trump wins the election, I expect the Left, including Facebook and Twitter, will go down swinging. Things have gotten ugly; I’m afraid they’re about to get uglier.

Fit the Eleventh—November: Quote of the Day (10 November)

Wäre es da
Nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung
Löste das Volk auf und
Wählte ein anderes?
Would it not in that case be simpler
for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

—Bertolt Brecht

Fit the Twelfth— December: Christmas in My Hometown

2020 hasn’t been kind to Nashville, and Christmas has been especially ugly. Today’s bombing occurred n the street across the street from an AT&T facility and has caused disruption of communications throughout Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, including 911 service in many communities. WTFV in Nashville reports that 911 centers as far away as Knoxville and Louisville have been affected. The block between Second and Third Avenues and Commerce and Church Streets has had some sort of AT&T facility since the first dial telephone exchange was built there in 1919.

I used to work in that part of downtown Nashville, Back in the ’60s, WMAK’s studios were in the Exchange Building on the 300 block of Church Street and WLAC’s studio were at the corner of Fourth and Church. 50 years ago, Second Avenue was mostly filled with rundown warehouses, but the neighborhood had been revitalized and had become one of the bright spots in Nashville.

The Nashville Metro Police have released this surveillance picture of the bombing suspect vehicle.

* * * * *

Even if it turns out worse, I’m ready to move on to 2021.

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