That Was The Year That Was: Fits 4, 5, and 6

Moving along with the Hogewash! year-in-review theme brings us these—

Fit the Fourth—April: The Day It Finally Bothered Me

Being required to stay at home for the past month has resulted in occasional inconvenience, but hasn’t been truly bothersome. Attending church and other Zoom meetings over the phone had been my biggest annoyance. (Zoom isn’t installed on any of my devices because of security issues. I connect to those meetings with a landline phone.) My son happened to pick up toilet paper, paper towels, and other household staples at Costco a few days before things went nuts, and the stores where we shop have generally restocked well after the initial disruption. Working from home has actually been more productive because I’ve had fewer interruptions and meetings via Microsoft Teams usually have run more efficiently than face-to-face meetings. Doing The Other Podcast from Studio B here at Stately Hoge Manor is easier in some ways and more challenging in others than schlepping gear to an undisclosed location each week.

But yesterday, something about the shutdown finally truly bothered me.

Yesterday was Arbor Day.

My late wife Connie was deeply involved in issues related to natural resources, especially trees. She served as the President of our county’s Forestry Board and was a member of the Governor’s Advisory Council of Forest Sustainability. The photo on the left shows Connie in a hollow sycamore tree. It was taken while she was with a group of Forestry Board people measuring trees to determine the largest of various species in the county.

Connie died on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. On Arbor Day, 2017, a group of friends planted a sycamore tree in her honor in a county park. The Gentle Reader should not be surprised to learn that I go by the park from time to time to see how her tree is doing. Yesterday, was the first Arbor Day that I missed going. The park is closed.

Fit the Fifth—May: I’m So Old …

… I remember when the Left fancied themselves to be the Reality-Based Community, people who adhered to facts.

These days, facts keep interfering with The Narrative.

Fit the Sixth—June:

The Democrats let Joe Biden win their primaries.
Wuhan virus lockdowns.
Defunding the police proposed as a solution for rioting.

Paging Potiphar Breen. Potiphar Breeen to the white courtesy phone, please.

* * * * *

I was obvious by mid year that 2020 was crazy, and it was beginning to look like Breen’s cycles  really were beginning to line up.

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