Cui Bono?

Given the warning to evacuate that was broadcast prior to the explosion in Nashville this morning, it doesn’t seem that the perpetrator(s) was(were) trying to cause loss of life, but only seeking to cause property damage. But to what buildings? There’s speculation that an AT&T switching facility was the target, but who would benefit from damaging that operation?

And why has no one claimed responsibility? Was a lone bomber killed in a suicide blast?

UPDATE—I’ve seen all sorts of speculation about whodunit and motives. Some of them are almost as far fetched as the things that have popped up in my imagination. I’m trying to remain optimistic about the future, but the question Pinky asked last Monday is starting to worry me: “What might happen when 2020 turns 21 and starts drinking?

2 thoughts on “Cui Bono?

  1. AT&T is notorious for its apathetic, disrespectful and generally useless customer service.

    I’m not suggesting that they were the target, but I can see how it could happen.

    It’s still 2020.

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