Christmas in My Hometown

2020 hasn’t been kind to Nashville, and Christmas has been especially ugly. Today’s bombing occurred n the street across the street from an AT&T facility and has caused disruption of communications throughout Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, including 911 service in many communities. WTFV in Nashville reports that 911 centers as far away as Knoxville and Louisville have been affected. The block between Second and Third Avenues and Commerce and Church Streets has had some sort of AT&T facility since the first dial telephone exchange was built there in 1919.

I used to work in that part of downtown Nashville, Back in the ’60s, WMAK’s studios were in the Exchange Building on the 300 block of Church Street and WLAC’s studio were at the corner of Fourth and Church. 50 years ago, Second Avenue was mostly filled with rundown warehouses, but the neighborhood had been revitalized and had become one of the bright spots in Nashville.

The Nashville Metro Police have released this surveillance picture of the bombing suspect vehicle.

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