Losing Their Grip

Our Betters were surprised in 2016 when all those Deplorables voted the wrong way. They don’t seem to understand that it was their multiple failures to keep up their end of the American social contract that led to the 2016 revolt. While they may have executed a tactically successful counterstrike in 2020, I don’t believe they’ve put the strategic assets in place to properly regain and sustain their control.The analogy to the end of the Europeans’ control of their African and Asian colonies is useful, if inexact. The Europeans were tired after the war, and they were split by significant internal divisions. Their internal struggles made them less able to maintain control of their overseas possessions. I suspect that similar internal struggles on the Left will impede their elites attempts to restore their vision of normalcy. The turf wars between BLM and more mainstream democrats or between the Squad and the old guard in Congress (or the TERF war between the feminists and the LGBTQs) will sap the Left’s ability to enforce their will on increasingly rebellious Deplorables.

2021 is going to be interesting. And very, very ugly.

2 thoughts on “Losing Their Grip

  1. Anonymous sources told me the governor of Minnesota will order everyone to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants on Tuesdays.

  2. I keep telling my friends that most of ‘The Establishment” are modern day Bourbon Aristocrats. Not nearly as smart or as powerful as they think they are. I think we’ll wee that play out, And Hoge is right. It will be very, very ugly.

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