An Inventory

Earlier this morning, I put up I’m Not Making This Up, You Know post number 226. As I was typing the post, it dawned on me that i have been doing fewer such posts this year. Looking over the archives, I found the following:

2020 14 posts
2019 17 posts
2918 23 posts
2017 25 posts
2016 52 posts
2015 31 posts
2014 20 posts
2013 14 posts
2012 27 posts

There were 3 INMTUYK posts in 2011, but the blog started in July, 2011, and the format of the blog was more unsettled.

The distribution of the posts got me thinking …

The average number of posts per year is roughly 25 with a standard deviation of about 9. The two most recent presidential election years are the years furthest from the average. Also, the number of posts during Obama’s second term is higher than during the present administration. Have the last four years really been less crazy than the four preceding them?


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