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When I started blogging, I had a talk with my wife about whether I should use a nom de cyber or blog under my own name. We jointly decided I would not only use my own name but that I would also publish my contact information in order to make myself undoxable. It turned out that was a wise choice. Indeed, one of the things about Hogewash! that has frustrated Team Kimberlin is their inability to dox me. The TKPOTD from five years ago today dealt with one of their doxing threats.

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BStweets20151212The Cabin Boy™ is once again trying to get this blog (and some others) shut down. Or I should say that he’s tweeting away as if he is. I have no idea whether or not he’s contacted WordPress directly. However, I can say that I haven’t heard anything from WordPress about any complaints.

Schmalfeldt seems to think that he has an absolute right to control the use of his name and image. He doesn’t. Because of Twitter’s ToS, posting anything there grants permission to republish. Thus, the image at the left does not infringe any copyrights. That applies to anything, texts or images, he’s published there.

As for his name, using his name to identify him when referring to remarks he has published in a public forum (such as Twitter, YouTube, or a blog or Internet radio program addressed to the public) is not a violation of his privacy rights. Oh, and look—BS_DBR—he’s published it on Twitter. Say, wouldn’t that mean …

movie popcornThe Cabin Boy™ is running off the rails. Call it a Feldtdown or whatever you wish, but he seems to be spiraling into another misadventure in the courts. That would be most unwise for him, but he’s not known for his wisdom.

Murum aries attigit.

Click on the image above to order more popcorn from Amazon.

ADDENDUM—After I had finished drafting this post, I was made aware of these tweets over on the Derp Brain Radio Twitter account—dbrtweets20151213The Cabin Boy™ is welcome to post all that information about me if he wishes, but that would be redundant with the information found on the DMCA Contact page of this blog.

However, before he posts such information relating to other people, he might want to consider how those persons might react and what steps they might take in response to such actions.

Oh, and it he’s thinking of suing me again, he should consider what happened the last four times he tried to bring claims or counterclaims against me. Does he really want to make it 0 for 5?

I almost forgot. Family. Photos.familyThe Cabin Boy™ should recognize each of these photo because he has stolen each of them to incorporate in his own work.

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There are things about my life I choose to keep private. This blog isn’t one of them.

6 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. With respect to privacy, of course William was never able to breach the mighty walls of The Sooper Sekret Site. O what fun we had. Wizard japes, chuckles and plots galore.

  2. It’s a good think you published your contact info or Schmalfeldt would probably still have no idea who you are. After all, look at all the people he terrorized mistakenly thinking he’d finally found the person he was looking for

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