Texas, et al.

Thus far, it’s reported that the Attorneys General of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee have announced support for Texas either as amici or possibly co-plaintiffs in the Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al. lawsuit.

I am unaware of any state signing on in support of the defendant states in the case.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Missouri and 16 other states have filed an amicus brief in support of Texas.

2 thoughts on “Texas, et al.

  1. What’s the relief here? Are they asking SCOTUS to invalidate the votes in these states and send the election to the House? Are they asking the various state legislator to appoint electors? Or are they seeking some other outcome?

    • Check out the _Don’t Mess with Texas_ post below.

      Pages 46-47 of the PDF doc seem to indicate (to me; IANAL) Texas wants 4 states electoral votes NOT COUNTED. At all. Which would be perfectly fine with me because each state violated it’s own election laws, but-

      John Roberts, likely, wants NO PART of this to be decided in SCOTUS. Will be interesting to see if he’s on the losing side of a 5-4 vote. My guess is it all depends on where Gorsuch lands.

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