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  1. I’m still on Twitter because I use it to promote posts here at Hogewash!, but I wish it were less of a leftwing echo chamber. Gab, Paler, and MeWe show promise, but they need to find ways to attract more diverse user bases.

    The problem is that the left isn’t interested in debate, and now they’re not interested in letting people say things they don’t like. They won’t change until everyone interested in the marketplace of ideas abandons them and their debate rules. They are not polite company.

    • Those who advocated for retribution against Trump supporters after his presumed impending defeat in 2016, have no moral standing to argue against similar retaliation against Trump supporters after his alleged 2020 loss.

      I say “alleged” because the weight of the evidence suggest Donald Trump is the legitimate winner, even under the “old” rules of counting the votes of non-citizens. In Arizona, projections from a sample suggests that it is likely that the number of Trump voters who had their absentee disappear by partisan, criminal, postal workers exceeds his margin of defeat. This before considering altered ballots, incorrectly “cured” ballots, ballots fraudulently overvoted by marking a second candidate, and stolen mail ballots that were voted, or, ballot stuffing. In Georgia, the typical absentee rejection rate is about 5%, but, miraculously, in this election 0.2%. There is the margin of victory there, before, even considering the obvious ballot stuffing. In Wisconsin, the number of people claiming “indefinite confinement” rose by over 100,000. Miraculously, thousands of the these people have the same signature “MLK” in cursive. That is a 269-269 tie that leads to House of Representative vote that should have seated Trump 26-23-1. Then, there is Pennsylvania. The results of the absentee vote is so improbable as to be absurd. For that number to hold, Biden would have had to win every Democratic voter, every independent voter, and 20% of all Republican voters. The more probable explanation is that there was a concerted attempt to identify and impersonate dormant voters. We know this happened because some of those dormant voters tried to vote, but, were told they had already voted. Registrations with maiden names have been uncovered, etc.

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