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The Gentle Readers who are new to this blog may wonder what Team Kimberlin is. Simply put, it’s a group of supporters and enablers of Brett Kimberlin, a notorious criminal and anti-First-Amendment activist. Occasionally, I repost one of the guides to the various members of the Team. This early description, On Job Descriptions, is from seven years ago today.

* * * * *

I’d like to explain to the new members of the Gentle Readership about the job descriptions given to some of the members of Team Kimberlin.

The Dread Pirate Kimberlin received his title after he put up a pirate-themed website called the Bloggers Offense Team. That site is now defunct.

The initial job descriptions of the crew included Neal Rauhauser as First Mate, given his apparent status at the time as TDPK’s righthand man; Ron Brynaert as a Crew Member; and Occupy Rebellion as an Imaginary Friend, given that there were multiple persons behind that identity. Note that these are job descriptions and not nicknames. Referring to Neal Rauhauser as “First Mate” doesn’t give him a nickname any more than calling Al Franken a “Senator” is using a nickname (as calling him “Stuart Smalley” might).

Thus far, only one member of Team Kimberlin has expressed any distress allegedly caused by his job description, one which I did not create. It was given to a crew member who seems to work as a flunky for TDPK and FMNR, and the realization of his place in the food chain probably conflicts with his delusions of adequacy.

* * * * *

Of course, the noisiest member of that crew has been the Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt™.

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