What Norms and Which Institutions?

While Hillary Clinton eventually conceded the 2016 election to Donald Trump, she and her enablers/allies among the Democrats, Media, and Deep State spent four years peddling lies about Russia! Russia! Russia!, the Mueller investigation, an impeachment falsely accusing Trump of doing the sort of thing Biden actually did, and more.

It’s 2020, and Trump is using litigation and other processes prescribed by law to challenge apparent fraud in the election. A significant portion of politicians and the media say the President’s insistence that the game be played by The Rules is a threat to “our norms and institutions.”

Well, yes, it is.

It was Trump’s pledge to drain the swamp of a grifting Elite whose norms and institutions force one set of rules on the Deplorables but are not binding on themselves that led to his winning in 2016. It was Trumps modest success in beginning to drain the swamp that led a sufficiently large majority of voters to support him that the logistical planning for stealing the election was overwhelmed, causing the shutdown of vote counts and mad scramble for extra ballots in various places around the country.

America’s constitutional DNA assumes that men are fallible, so our system is rigged with checks and balances as a form of immune system. Thus far, we’ve been able to through off infections from various tyrannies. I hope we survive this time.

1 thought on “What Norms and Which Institutions?

  1. The cheating is indisputable, but that leaves us with three possibilities, none of which come with any guarantees and all of which have risks.

    1) Challenge it and get Trump re-elected by any legal means necessary. This is the best outcome, but it goes up against literally centuries of precedent.

    2) Don’t challenge it and marshal our resources to fight it out in 2024. Avoids a very tough and risky fight now, but runs the risk of letting the other side consolidate their power and find new ways of rigging things.

    3) Challenge it and lose. The worst possible outcome, as it either reinforces that they can cheat and get away with it or triggers the By Any Means Necessary response from the right. I think that would be justified, but good lord it frightens me.

    Between now and the day the Electoral College meets is a very terrifying time.

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