Control of the House

When we speak of control of the House of Representatives, we usually mean having a majority of the members. A majority of the members elects the Speaker who then runs the body. However, there is another form of control: the majority in each state’s delegation. This has been important twice, 1800 and 1824. Those were the years that no candidate received a majority of votes in the Electoral College, so the election of the President was the duty of the House. When the House votes for President, each state’s delegation gets one vote. As of now, the delegations from 26 states are controlled by Republicans, 20 are controlled by Democrats, 3 are equally divided, and Iowa has an uncalled election that will either leave it equally divided or flip it Republican.

Normally, this wouldn’t be important, but given how 2020 has gone so far, …

4 thoughts on “Control of the House

    • Yes, I’m a bit confused by John’s addition. 26 + 22 + 3 + 1. Doesn’t equal 57 states.
      Unless his Iowa undecided is already counted with either the 26 or the 3, in which case the 51st my be your DC?

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