“Shooting a Possible”

Target shooters refer to putting all 10 shots into the Ten-Ring of the bullseye as “shooting a Possible,” i.e,, achieving the best score one can.

There were 27 house seats that the “experts” rated as toss ups in the recent election. Republican won every one of them—not 10 out of 10, 27 out of 27. There was no blue wave, except in a handful of urban areas where logistical failures related to stocks of preprinted votes caused delays in ballot counting.

1 thought on ““Shooting a Possible”

  1. And yet, despite winning all 27 toss-up districts, Trump is going to lose? The coattails are fine for the Reps, but not for the man himself?

    Yeah, there are no shenanigans going on. Totally on the up and up there.

    /sarc off

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