Hate Crimes

According to the most recent FBI statistics, Jews are far and away the group most likely to be the victims of hate crimes.

I have an hypothesis to propose: Jews are most likely to be victims of hate crimes in the places where they live. Half the Jews in America live in these four states:

CA 1.19 M
NY 1.18 M
FL 657 k
NJ 547 k

Hmmmm. I wonder what further examination of the data will show.

5 thoughts on “Hate Crimes

  1. Years ago, I read this theory that posited that, sociologically speaking, Jews are like canaries in coal mines. When things start getting bad for Jews in a particular area, it’s soon going to start getting bad for a lot of other people.

    That’s one of the pragmatic reasons I’m a Zionist. There really is a pretty good correlation to things being good for Jews, and things being good for people in general.

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  3. If the Jews don’t live there how can they be threatened? That is, if there are no Jews living in a given place, how can they be discriminated against? Language really if by nature equivocal, that’s why it can hard to state things clearly. Politicians practice this all the time on purpose but most people do it accidentally.

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