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Gentle Reader, have you ever noticed how bullies think that it’s unfair when they receive a dose of their own medicine? This post about Reiterating Editorial Policy from five years ago today was inspired by whining from Bill Schmalfeldt and his demands that I exercise control over the contents of websites other than Hogewash!.

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This blog is about whatever topics I find interesting, and one of those topics is the First Amendment. Among its provisions, that Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. It does not, however, restrict the editorial policy of this site. The general rules governing the site can be found by clicking on The Fine Print in the menu bar, but I want to reiterate one specific rule not found there: Derogatory comments about the family members of a controversial person who are not themselves a part of the controversy will not be tolerated on Hogewash!—that being said, I have no control over the speech or writings of third parties that is not posted to this site.  TheMerryWidower201511160615ZI can advise against certain behaviors and point out that I don’t engage in them myself, but I can’t order anyone to say or not say or to write or not write anything elsewhere.

Bill Schmalfeldt is a deranged cyberstalker. He is a liar. He is someone who is untrustworthy, who fails to live up to his commitments or abide by agreements he has signed. He had the opportunity to make a clean start when he fled from Maryland to Wisconsin. He appears to have wasted that opportunity.

Murum aries attigit.

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Karma is a bitch, and she has puppies.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. That tweet had two very revealing ideas in it. The first is that Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t agree with the First Amendment – he wants to shut people up when they say things he doesn’t like (but he was always free to say terrible things about others). And the second is that it shows he doesn’t understand the Lickspitttle Broadcasting System or its members. John Hoge has CONTROL over what gets published on his blog (he censored a comment from me once due to the very issue he mentions), but he doesn’t COMMAND any of us, unike Team Kimberlin, where Brett issued orders and the dutiful marched forth to fall on their swords of PLM.

  2. As long as he keeps his peashooter aimed at soaring eagles, there will be no need to turn our attentions to ITSD2.0.

    That’s Inflatable Truck Stop Dolly 2.0 for the uninitiated.

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