The Next 69 Days

There are 69 days remaining before the next presidential inauguration ceremony. Regardless of who takes the oath next January, there are certain things that I believe Donald Trump should do to close out this term.

First, he should work with Senator McConnell to fill any remaining vacancies in the federal judiciary.

Second, he should direct his appointees in the various agencies to complete the finalization of the rule making process on any pending elimination or improvement of federal regulations.

Third, he should declassify and publish by executive order all information and documents held by any federal government entity related to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, the Mueller investigation, and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Fourth, he should pardon Joe Biden for any criminal acts performed while Biden was Vice President, but not for any actions before or after his service in that office.

4 thoughts on “The Next 69 Days

    • First, the published evidence I’ve seen leads me to believe that there are enough indictable offenses that have occurred since 2017 that there’s no need to go back any further—especially since the federal statute of limitations is generally five years. Much of the what he did while Vice President is out of reach as criminal matters .

      Second, he should be held accountable for his acts while Vice President though political means. He should be impeached by the House, and convicted by the Senate. Even if Trump wins and Biden’s no longer an elected official, one of the penalties the Senate may impose is “disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.”

      • I see your point. I would have thought there was sufficient information from the Biden laptops to put much of the Biden family in jail. Odd how that is no longer discussed.

        And the Durham report, which couldn’t be released before an election, seems to be unsuitable for post-election release too.

        One wonders about whether any of these “investigations” were real or not.

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