Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Of all the lame insults through my way by the members of Team Kimberlin, the one that struck me as the most childish was Bill Schmalfeldt’s Twitter impersonation account reference in this post from seven year ago titled #BillSchmalfeldt Takes a Break.

* * * * *

Or goes into hiding. Or something. PFB201311120200ZHe’s taken his tweets private. That leaves the serial harassment counter set at …S-O-T201311120131ZBTW, the 198 since noon last Friday is not a record. Stacy McCain got over 200 in a couple of days last Thanksgiving.

* * * * *

BTW, the Cabin Boy™ resumed tweeting at me, so when we went for a renewal of the peace order issued against him, we were able to show the judge almost 500 tweets that violated the terms of the court’s order. The judge extended the peace order for an additional six months. Schmalfeldt eventual wound up subject to a dozen restraining orders issued in five states. One was issued to protect a toddler.

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