My Personal Plan B If Biden Wins

I don’t believe that the Harris presidency will be good for the American economy. I expect it would have a devastating impact on the value of my retirement investments which are mostly in an IRA and a 401(k). I had planned retiring again (I’ve done it twice before) around my 75th birthday at the end of 2022, but I don’t believe putting away maximum contributions into my 401(k) will sufficiently offset the losses I expect over the next two years. Also, I expect that inflation will return and make up for lost time, further reducing the real value of my investments. I’m beginning to examine the possibility of postponing retirement until my 80th birthday.

7 thoughts on “My Personal Plan B If Biden Wins

  1. Why worry? There won’t be anything to spend those retirement funds on after a few waves of socialist reforms break over our society and economy. The shelves will be empty all the time. Gas and diesel will be rationed and outrageously expensive.

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  3. I’m thinking of divesting of my very meager retirement account and paying off my mortgage. Also, thinking of working till I’m 70 (I’m 65 now).
    What are your thoughts about this plan?

    • It works for some people, depending cash flow requirements and tax implications. I’m more likely to divest myself of a house that’s larger than I need, buy a smaller place for cash, and invest the remainder.

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