The Other Podcast: We Didn’t Get the Memo

It’s clear that the Democrats and the Main Steam Media (BIRM) have distributed the marching orders for coverage of the Presidential election returns.

Stacy McCain and I didn’t get the memo, so we’ll be presenting our own reporting and analysis with a special edition of The Other Podcast Live. Join us on Podbean.

Download the Podbean app for your mobile device, and you can join us and our guest blogger/commentators live in our online studio.

The first part of our coverage will begin at 7 pm ET.

The second part will begin at 10 pm.

6 thoughts on “The Other Podcast: We Didn’t Get the Memo

  1. At 22:15 there is smoke and probably fires near the White House. They are NOT going quietly into this good night.

  2. Virginia is a strange place tonight. In 2016 there were 3.984,631 votes cast. At 2240, 2493 of 2585 precincts have reported and there are only 2.6 million votes cast. The biggest Democrat strongholds have reported. I don’t see how the DNC pulls 200,000 votes out of the hat with only about 92 precincts left to report. Trump did quite well in Congressional Districts that he lost terribly in 2016.

  3. Biden’s only hope is to steal Pennsylvania. It almost looks like they knew this was likely to be the key state and seem to have focused voter fraud efforts there. I no longer believe in coincidences.

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