Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Well, it looks as if Brett Kimberlin really has abandoned his It’s Time 2020 operation. It’s election day, and the website hasn’t been updated since late September. The Twitter account hasn’t had an original tweet since the middle of September and hasn’t retweeted anything for over a month.

Indeed, the only Kimberlin-related web operation that is still trying to affect the election is EuroMaidan PR. The website and Twitter account have both tried to call attention to a Ukrainian not-for-profit (with apparent Soros connections) threatening to sue Rudy Giuliani for defamation. That’s generated no measurable increase in the <200 hits per day for the website and generated only 7 retweets and 7 likes for the original tweet. Almost half of those retweets and likes were from foreign accounts. The US retweeter with the most followers was the Republicans for Biden account.

Joe Biden may win today’s election. If he does, that may encourage Kimberlin to bring back some of his websites. OTOH, if Biden doesn’t win, ….

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