The Hogewash Poll

If the electoral vote count does’t award a majority of electoral votes (270 or more) to one candidate, the election of the President will be the responsibility of the House of Representatives. Under the terms of the 12th Amendment, the delegation from each state gets one vote. Although the Democrats have a majority in the House as a whole, 26 of the state delegations are majority Republican, 22 are majority Democrat, and two are evenly split. Of course, that could be changed by the next election.

5 thoughts on “The Hogewash Poll

  1. Part of me hopes there won’t be an Electoral College winner, and both the House delegations and number of Senators evenly split. Because then Pence would break the tie for VP, and then advance to the Presidency when the House can’t come to an agreement.

    If there’s one thing that would drive the Left more insane than Trump being re-elected, it would be Pence effectively appointing himself President.

    • I’d have to look it up to be sure, but I’m about 90% certain that the new Congress is seated before electoral votes are counted.

      • Okay, looked it up… based on the 12th and 20th amendments, the new Congress starts noon on January 3rd (unless they pass a law to change it for 2021, since that’s a Sunday). On January 6th, the President of the Senate (VP Pence) presides over a joint session of Congress to count the votes.

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