Who Won?

When I first checked this poll, Biden was ahead with about 56 %. I checked it again about an hour after the debate ended and found this.

BTW, abc7 dot com is the website for KABC-TV in Los Angeles. That suggests these poll numbers are mostly driven by California voters.

UPDATE— As I was about to hit the PUBLISH button, I checked the poll again. Trump was up to 56 %, and the percentage of vote switchers was up to 6 %.


2 thoughts on “Who Won?

  1. That was about as good a performance as Trump could give. I thought Welker wasn’t as bad as I expected. She interrupted (and ‘corrected’) Trump and let Joe blather but propped him up, but 1) it wasn’t as bad as I expected, and 2) didn’t help Biden much because nothing could have, The number of Biden’s unforced errors was large. And he kept looking down at his ‘notes’ until I thought he was going to fall over. Biden’s smile was frightening as often as not. The word rictus came to mind a lot.
    Trump was mostly calm and spoke in a low voice. Letting Biden ramble along in his word salad was the meanest thing Trump could have done to him. A solid Trump performance, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t move the needle a little.

    • I thought Trump repeatedly asking her to ask a certain tough question must have cemented in peoples minds that there was something substantial there. It was reinforced when the moderator ignored it but reinforced when she asked.

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