The Hogewash Poll

I’ll be running these polls from Friday through Thursday each week this month and a special poll from Friday through Monday before the election.

I could have included Mike Pence, but does anyone think the Democrats could come up with something believable about him?

UPDATE—FWIW, here’s my Fearless Forecast of the electoral college results: Biden 202, Trump 336.

3 thoughts on “The Hogewash Poll

  1. At this point I’m trying to think of an October Surprise on Trump that wouldn’t automatically be rejected by anyone who even considered voting for him due to all the phony crap that has been heaved at him for 4+ years.
    Nope. Not coming up with anything. At least nothing even remotely believable that might damage his chances. In fact, anything like that attempted might even help him by now. They’ve managed to insulate him with their previous TDS-fueled attacks.

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