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Stacy McCain and I have been podcasting for almost three years, and I’ve had several questions about what microphones we use. We’ve been using Electro-Voice RE50B mics. The RE50 is a ruggedized version of the classic 635A dynamic microphone. The mic element is internally shock mounted, and there is a built-in pop filter. It’s an omnidirectional microphone, which means that it can be worked closely without significant bass boost. This allow me to get close to my mic without my bass voice becoming too muddy. If you’re looking for a rugged microphone for speech applications, the RE50B is a good choice. I’ve bought mine from Amazon.

If you need a directional microphone, the AKG P220 cardioid is a good choice. With a external pop filter (like at the PEMOTech), I’m able to work one as close as about a foot without too much bass boost. If I have to get closer, the P220 has a switchable bass cut filter that work very nicely. The P220 is a large-diameter condenser microphone and requires 48V phantom power. Again, I’ve bought mine P220s from Amazon. Amazon also carries the AKG P420 which is a dual-capsule version of of the 220. The 420 can operate with either a cardioid, omnidirectional, or figure-8 pickup pattern.

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I’ll be writing about other equipment for podcasting. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Microphones for Podcasting

  1. I listened to my first full listening thru of “The Other Podcast” yesterday on the way home. It wasn’t bad — just sounded like a couple of guys catching up with each other. I think you couldmake it more professional sounding if you added video and graphics — look up Chuck Dixon’s podcast on Youtube to a good template.

  2. As I have a face for radio, I’ll be interested in your posts on podcasting equipment, maybe someday I’ll give it a try.

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