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One of the enduring characteristics of Team Kimberlin’s presence on the Internet is their utter disregard for the property rights of copyright holders. The Prevarication Du Jour from seven years ago today dealt with one of Bill Schmalfeldt’s many stumbles over copyright law.

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MrA201310072045ZWhich copyright violations? Well, I can’t be sure because there were so many.

meFor example, the Cabin Boy has received multiple DMCA takedown notices over his use of an image of my face. BTW, the notices haven’t come from me. I’m not the copyright holder. He published that image again during the last few days on one of his Twitter accounts.

As I pointed out yesterday, Schmalfeldt has published images of complete posts from Hogewash! on Twitter. Brief quotations from a post are certainly covered by Fair Use, and that would include a 100% quotation of a very shot post, but otherwise a complete ripoff of an entire post without permission is a copyright violation.

It’s possible that none of these violations resulted in his suspensions, but there were plenty of others that could have.

It’s not Ali Akbar who’s lying.

Oh, if you go looking for the @Tidingsofdoom account on Twitter, you’ll find that the Cabin Boy has abandoned it and that it has been picked up by Not Bill Schmalfeldt.

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They’re slow learners. In 2020, Schmalfeldt still was having trouble with copyrights.

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