A Reasonable Hypothesis

Ali Alexander has a website up that deals with an hypothesis relating to Joe Biden’s health. He suggests that Biden may have Parkinson’s disease and presents evidence to support his hypothesis. The case isn’t airtight, but it’s a reasonable starting point for discussion of an import issue which the Biden campaign has tried to avoid.

Watch the video and discuss it among yourselves and with others.

4 thoughts on “A Reasonable Hypothesis

  1. Is this REAL PD, or the fake kind that gets better the longer you have it? As far as I know, there’s been only one reported case of the latter, limited to a harasser of adults and children, who used to live in Maryland.

    • And Wisconsin.
      And Iowa.
      And South Carolina.
      And almost North Dakota.
      And Montana.
      And Iowa again.
      And Oklahoma.
      And South Carolina again.
      And Wisconsin again.
      And Iowa again.
      And Michigan, almost.
      And South Carolina again.
      And Illinois.
      And Georgia.
      And Illinois again.
      And I might have missed one or two.

      But that’s just the last 4 years….with Fakinson’s…past the age of 60…most of that time with an inattentive balloon animal gamer hag for “support.”

      It’s far more likely that Slow Joe has Parkinson’s than the Great Faker does.

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