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Brett Kimberlin fails and inflicts failure on others because his arrogance entraps him in carelessness. For example, he left bomb making supplies in the trunk of the car he was driving when was arrested for impersonating a DoD security/police officer and wound up with a 50 year sentence for his crime spree as the Speedway Bomber. More recently, he sent an email to Bill Schmalfeldt about a hearing scheduled on one of the restraining orders sought against the Cabin Boy™ and clicked Reply All by mistake, sending his comments to members of the court staff. The TKPOTD for five years ago today showed a part of that email.

* * * * *

This is the header and opening portion of one of the emails submitted to the Ayer District Court in support of the Cabin Boy™ in the Hinckley v. Schmalfeldt Harassment Prevention Order hearing this past week.
SHvBK_1popcorn4bkIt must be some special bit of training at Acme Legal that would lead someone to cc an email to a court referring to one’s friend’s adverse party as a “piglet” whose case is “bullshit.” Such professionalism!

Note that it sent by WhoIsNumberNone. With a “excellent” friend like that, who needs enemies?

* * * * *

Kimberlin used WhoIsNumberNone as a nom de cyber for years. However, he doesn’t seem to have used it publicly for awhile. The @WhoIsNumberNone Twitter account hasn’t seen any activity since a retweet on 9 February, 2017. The account follows three of Bill Schmalfeldt’s abandoned Twitter accounts, the newest from February, 2017.

BTW, According to the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator (which still tracks him because his sentence doesn’t expire until 2030), Brett Kimberlin’s number is actually 01035-079.

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