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One of the websites that Brett Kimberlin has been involved with is called westandwithukraine dot org. I wrote about it in the TKPOTD on this date last year. There’s been a recent change.

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I’ve actually spent some time reading the content of westandwithukraine dot org. It’s one of The Dread Deadbeat Publisher Kimberlin’s websites. It went up in 2014. All of the posts prior to August, 2016, have been memory-holed, but much of the earlier material is backed up on the Internet Wayback Machine (web dot archive dot org).

I haven’t found any original material on the site. It all seems to have been lifted from other sites. While most of the posts are news stories that would be interesting to someone following the Ukraine/Russia conflict or who was generally interested in Ukrainian culture, there are some posts that stood out for their political content. One post from April, 2017, was a puff piece promoting George Soros and claiming that opposition to the billionaire is a Russian black op.

The Soros obsession is gripping the world and shows no sign of going away. Democratic movements are not winning many of their battles against dictators and would-be dictators. These leaders, many of whom have been in power for too long, need people to believe that the enemy is someone else. Above all, Putin needs this myth. It can only be hoped that Putin will be gone before Soros. The world needs George Soros far more.

There are indications of Soros’ involvement with the shenanigans going on in Ukraine. Elizabeth Vaughn reports this over at RedState:

Shortly before Lutsenko took office, then-U.S. Embassy Charge d’ Affaires George Kent sent a letter to the Prosecutor General’s office asking them to end the investigation. Kent made it clear that “U.S. officials had no concerns about how the U.S. aid had been spent.”

If this account is correct, the Obama administration pressured a foreign government to drop an investigation into an organization they had co-founded along with activist George Soros. They were interested in preventing American taxpayers from learning how their tax dollars were being spent as well as concealing their collaboration with Soros. But, above all, they were each doing their part to insure that Hillary Clinton won the presidency.


We know that Brett Kimberlin was working with Alexandra Chalupa during 2016 and 2017 and that both of them were involved in attempts to use foreign sources to dig up dirt on persons connected to the Trump campaign and, later, the Trump administration. I’m sure someone is following the money.

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As noted above, things have changed at westandwithukraine dot org. When I checked on it last month, it was being hosted on the Fintel Associates server that hosts jtmp dot org, the Justice Though Music Project website, and protectourlelections dot org, the now apparently abandoned US-based Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc website. In the last few days, the hosting for westandwithukraine dot org has been moved to a server at sites dot google dot com. However, the new site contains no content.As I said a year ago—Hmmmmm.

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    Let’s give the little devil his due because Brett’s figured out how to set up multiple non-profits which (presumably) provide him a handsome living while staying just a bit on the correct side of the law. Notable because the guy referenced in the article above didn’t set up the legal structures that would enable skimming a la El Kimbo.

    If I were Brett, I’d write a book on how to solicit donations from the gullible Left legally for personal gain. And for fun and profit.

    Hell. I’m contemplating doing so (soliciting donations) myself. How good a writer do I have to be to pull down some of those sweet sweet Soros/Streisand/Ford Foundation bucks? Just like applying for a government grant- Right?

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