A Simplified Method of Counting Mail-In Ballots

It’s being reported that lost, misdirected, and discarded ballots are being found all over the country. I saw stories today about ballots in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Based on the fact that all the improper discarded Pennsylvania ballots were for Trump, it would simply the counting process to assume the recovered ballots were a random cross section of the mail-in vote and simply count all mail-in ballots as votes for Trump.

OK, the Democrats probably won’t sign up for this method, but I suspect that it would yield a more accurate count than what we’ll see in November.

1 thought on “A Simplified Method of Counting Mail-In Ballots

  1. People will wail and gnash their teeth and call for the Postmaster General to resign without realizing that mail in ballots will only be handled by the union workers that endorsed Biden.

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