In Re Threats

The usual suspects are threatening riot or war if the President discharges his duty under the Constitution to nominate an associate justice to fill the current vacancy on the court and/or if the Senate acts to vote on its advice and consent on the nominee before the election.

As for those of us in flyover country—

5 thoughts on “In Re Threats

  1. How will we know if they’re rioting over the nomination, because someone killed a black man in self defense, because someone used a “wrong” pronoun, or some other reason? It’s getting hard to keep the players straight when they all wear the same team uniform.

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  3. If “All in the Family” had been a cable show, Archie would say “STFU” instead of “Stifle yourself Meathead.”
    Please always refer to him as “Meathead”, he really,really,really hates that

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